Ippon is home to many instructors, with a combined total of 110 years of mat experience. Our instructors have a passion for passing on their knowledge, and they find joy in helping eager students fulfill their aspirations in the martial arts. As you will learn from reading their bios, our instructors have varied backgrounds. Their experiences span across many different dojos, martial arts, and methods of teaching. This diversity is a great asset, as it is difficult to find such a unique blend of expertise.

Meet the Instructors

Dave Wojcik

Dave founded Ippon Judo & Jujitsu in 2004, and has used martial arts to enrich the lives of hundreds of students since then. Dave holds a fourth-degree black belt in judo and a fifth-degree black belt in jujitsu. He has years of competition experience under his belt, but found his true calling as a coach. Dave has produced multiple state champions and national medalists, including two national champions. Ippon is consistently one of the strongest dojos on the competitive scene in the Southeast, and is the host dojo to the semi-annual Ippon Open tournament, held in Peachtree City.

Dominic Pileri

Dominic is a seventh-degree black belt who has been involved in judo for over 50 years. In that time, he has achieved success both as a competitor and as a coach. As a competitor, Dominic won three state titles, competed on the national and international level, and was named most outstanding senior competitor in the nation in 1987. He has also coached 22 state champions, is a master certified rank examiner, and has served as the United States Judo Association development director for the state of Georgia.

Derek Wojcik

Derek has practiced martial arts since the age of three. He holds a second-degree black belt in jujitsu, and a third-degree black belt in judo. In judo, Derek has accumulated numerous national medals, including two national championships. He was a member of the 2011 and 2012 United States Jr. Worlds teams, as well as the 2012 Jr. Panam team. Derek was also a successful wrestler, who won two high school state titles for Sandy Creek High School, and was a three time All-American at Mercer University.

Mark Deis

Mark began his martial arts journey with Ippon in 2003. He holds rank in both judo and jujitsu, a first-degree black belt and a third-degree black belt, respectively. As a judoka, Mark has experience as a competitor, and is certified in Nage No Kata. He is a patient instructor with a deep knowledge of the Danzan Ryu curriculum, and is great at conveying his knowledge to new students.

Stephen Witty

Stephen began training at Ippon in 2008, and is currently a third-degree black belt in jujitsu. He has a background in Kempo Karate, and provides excellent instruction in the striking portions of our curriculum. Steve is also an avid student of BJJ, and loves bringing different grappling perspectives to the dojo in the form of new techniques and applications.

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