21st Semi Annual Ippon Judo Open




Your club is invited to participate in the Ippon Judo Team Open Judo Tournament Sanctioned by the U.S.J.A






Date:  Saturday October 13th, 2012                                             Location: Kedron Field House


                                                                                                                       202 Kedron Dr.


Start:  11:00am                                                                                             Peachtree City GA 30269




Eligibility:  Open to all male and female competitors 5 years and up, who are registered members with the USJI, USJA 


                    or USJF.  All competitors must present valid membership cards at the time of registration.  If you cannot


                     present one then you will be required to purchase one.




Entry Fee:  $35 per contestant each additional division is $20 max 4 divisions.  Make checks payable to Peachtree City Rec.

Early Registration:  $25 per contestant and $15 each additional division. 

Mail to: Ippon Judo 116 Palmetto Rd. Ste. G, Tyrone, GA 30290.  Payment must be received by Oct. 5th. 


Registration and Weigh In:  Juniors 5-12 Years                                   8:00 am—10:00 am


                                                 Intermediates 13-16 years                        8:00 am –10:00 am


                                                 Seniors and Masters                                 8:00 am –11:30 am


                                                 Officials Meeting                                     10:30 am




Format:  Pool systems according to age, rank and weight to optimize competition and safety. Every effort will be


            made to keep two students from the same club from competing.  All matches are stop time.  5 or under will


            be a  round robin, 6 and over will be double elimination Texas style where loser will be able to come up to fight


            the winner of the winner’s pool.   




Match Time:  Juniors, Senior White, Green and Masters                        3 minutes


                        Intermediates, Senior Brown Belts                                    3 minutes


                        Black Belts                                                                         3 minutes




Rules:  Current IJF Contest Rules Modified as follows


1.      No Shime Waza (chokes) for 12 and under.


2.      Kansetsu Wasza (arm bars) allowed only in senior division


3.      No Waki Gatame from standing position


4.      No Kanibasami (Flying scissors) in any division


5.      Pre 1994 modified safety area




Scoring:  Places will be determined by the following criteria


1.      Most wins


2.      Most points, if wins are tied


3.      If Wins and Points are tied, then the result of Head to Head match.


4.      In all other cases, consult the tournament director.




Ippon = 7 points.    Wazari = 5 points.  Yuko = 3 points    Koka = 2 points   Decision = 1 point.




Awards:  1st and 2nd for pools of 4 or less.  1st, 2nd, and 3rd for pools of 5 or more.


                 Team Trophies will be awarded to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.


Tournament Director:  Dave Wojcik  Cell phone 404 539-1119


                                 770) 632-2669   or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .   Day of tournament ONLY 770-631-2525




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