In order to survive the social climate following the fall of the samurai class, Japanese martial arts needed to adapt to serve the betterment of the community. Instead of focusing solely on fighting, the arts needed to cultivate quality citizens and human beings. Founded in 1882 by Dr. Jigoro Kano, Judo incorporates the most potent techniques of the samurai arts into a holistic system of physical education, self defense, and philosophy. The aim of Judo is to produce healthy practitioners, capable of defending themselves and their loved ones, with a sense of responsibility and restraint that make them an asset to society.

The martial art of Judo contains a broader range of skills than sport Judo, which is designed for safe full-contact competition. This class is dedicated to the sport of judo. A typical class begins with a warm-up and rigorous conditioning, normally a short run followed by anaerobic and calisthenic training. After conditioning comes the technique portion, in which students will learn to grip, throw, choke, pin, armbar, and to transition between all of these skills. Classes end with a period of live sparring called "randori," which simulates Judo competition.

The overarching benefits of Judo are physical fitness and mental fortitude. You will develop dynamic strength that cannot be obtained in the weight room. Judo requires lightning fast adjustments to pushes, pulls, and attacks that exercise your body from all angles. This type of training strengthens connective tissues along with muscles, reducing chances of injury in all athletic endeavors as well as daily life. Defending against throws, and executing throws quicker than your opponent can defend, hones your agility, coordination, and reflexes.

The mental aspects of judo are equally rewarding. From working diligently to perfect your technique, you will improve your ability to approach all endeavors with patience and discipline. The intense exercise will leave you feeling refreshed, free of mental fog, and mentally operating on a higher level. Studying your opponents will improve your pattern recognition and problem solving capabilities. You will learn to overcome opponents by reading their tendencies and predicting their moves, as you would in a game of chess. Finally, judo competition provides you exposure to safe combat. You will experience the same physiological responses as you would in a fight, but without fear of injury. Competition will serve as practice for managing these responses, and should you find yourself in a violent confrontation, you will react in a calm and controlled manner.

Judo's learning curve is relatively high, and success requires an appreciation of delayed gratification. However, natural size, strength, and talent are not important factors to success. Judo is accessible to anyone with the persistence and desire to master the art. If you are in search of a difficult and rewarding pursuit, we would love for you to join us on the mat as we train and grow both in Judo and in character. Please call 770-486-5363 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a free trial class.

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