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If you have a child between the ages 3-12, we have the perfect after school activity for you! Danzan Ryu jujitsu is a Japanese martial art that teaches a complete self-defense system, while instilling confidence, responsibility, and discipline in your child. Our kids jujitsu program is heavily focused on strength, flexibility, coordination, and body awareness.
Your child will learn to roll and fall safely-necessary in martial arts as well as the playground. They will learn our "junior fundamentals" course, a set of about 150 skills geared towards making your child strong, balanced, and flexible.
Finally, your child will learn self-defense techniques, such as throwing, wrestling, escapes from various types of holds, and some basic submission techniques.

Our kids jujitsu class provides a great foundation for all children. Your child will develop a strong athletic base that will serve them in any sport they choose to play. More importantly, he or she will develop the skills necessary to thrive in life. Confidence in dealing with bullies is an obvious benefit, but that confidence will also allow your child to adhere to their values in the face of peer pressure and similar forms of manipulation. Senseis (martial arts instructors) serve as respected authority figures and role models in a child's life. A black belt is a powerful symbol to a child, especially in our media-focused culture that celebrates the martial arts in movies, cartoons, and televised combat sports such as MMA, boxing, and WWE. In a way similar to "Santa Clause" encouraging children to be good, our senseis use this status to stress a disciplined approach to mastery, and responsibility as fundamental to a happy and successful life.

The curriculum of our junior class is structured to introduce skills that grow incrementally more difficult. In the first set of skills introduced, your child will be able to perform a number of them immediately. This will give them confidence in their ability. The rest will be difficult to begin with, but your child will be coached and encouraged through as many repetitions needed over however many practices necessary. The payoff: a huge boost in confidence when they master a new skill, and a psychological blueprint for hammering away until they achieves success. In order to be promoted (earn their next belt), your child will be responsible for learning and performing various skills, many of which will need to be known in both Japanese and English. Paying close attention, overcoming the temptation to goof off when other students are doing so, and studying outside of class are all behaviors that will be encouraged by instructors and learned by your child. Furthermore, head sensei Dave Wojcik asks to see report cards from all children. Sensei Dave does this to emphasize the importance of transferring the values reinforced in the dojo to the classroom.

If you are looking for a class dedicated to self defense, physical education, and character development, our junior jujitsu program is perfect for your child! Please call 770-486-5363 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule a free trial class.

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